Revenue cycle
Providing billing service right from your system with advance HIPAA compliant software technology integration.


Customer Service
Our goal is to provide our partners with a cost effective, results driven, successful clinical and financial solution.


EHR/PM system
A powerful EHR technology suitable for both small and enterprise practices, delivering clinical and financial tools.


IT Management
Providing Microsoft certified experts to manage the network and support all hardware on the network.

Increase revenue Revenue Cycle Management

Do you ask yourself at the end of the day, “Who will do my billing? How soon will I get paid for my services? The medical schools never taught me anything about how to get paid! I don’t have the staff or the resources to contend with all this! ” Outsource your billing.



Reduce denials and appeal expenses. Higher percentage of clean claim submissions.

Our staff has collectively over 30 years of experience in billing and accounts receivable. We believe that a “clean claim out” means faster revenue in avoiding any delays or denials from the insurance companies.

  • Weekly electronic billing
  • Payment Posting
  • Appeal submissions
  • Monthly-end reporting
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  • Patient statements (30 – 90 day)
  • Customer service
  • Patient Pre-Collections
  • Complete A/R collections


Briefly about us

advanced billing technologies

Dynamic billing advantages from your office with built-in technologies for secured data transmissions & HIPAA compliance.

The biggest advantage is that you are allowing an exemplary outsourced billing service to do your billing with FULL access to your data. We can provide the billing service right from your system. That means the data never leaves your office. We will build invoices and transmit right from your network.

We have the ability to access your EHR of choice remotely to make suggestions for better codes, remind you to add modifiers and check for any data entry errors and determine what the desired codes should be. This is a tremendous advantage over other billing services. The integration is already there.

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